I can break a computer faster than a tech can fix one.  Ok, maybe not that bad... but Im still learning how to use Weebly.  Now that I see there is a blog feature on here, I will likely begin using this for posting most of my information, unless it is a formal paper. 

 Stay tuned as I am constantly tweaking old posts and coming up with new ideas to rant about such as my next two topics:

The difference between good silver and bad silver in the context of SE living history


Options to quillwork for Southeastern interpretation; or Quit wearing porcupine quillwork or show me the evidence!


4/22/2013 07:22:34 pm


I just found your site yesterday. I am glad to see more people into SE stuff actually getting some of our thoughts down to help get more people on a more accurate path for both ourselves and the public. I have also started a blog for my SE kit to help he keep track and document my gear. It is a work in progress but I hope it helps other people step up their own kit and to help point new people in the right direction. I have yet to attend any event as anything other than a visitor, but I hate seeing native reenactors with a kit that is a total mess. I have enjoyed what I have read of your site and can't wait to read your postings in the future!


Jason Melius
4/23/2013 07:07:05 am

Thank you for your post Eric. Keep up the good work. I hope to see you at an event one of these days. I'll hunt for your blog and check it out.



4/3/2014 05:27:30 pm

How can I subscribe to this blog please?
Regards, Keith.


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    J Melius

    If you found yourself here, you are more than likely aware of my passion for researching Southeastern American Indian material culture.  Its a sickness I've been wrapped up in since the early 1990's.  While some of my thoughts might come across as somewhat abrassive; they are not meant to offend.  No, I dont call myself and expert, only a student of history and culture.  Hopefully we all seek to further our education and this is intended as an extention of my unending desire to learn and share.


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